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Account Today!

Get a $10 Sign-Up Bonus! Stop waiting in line, paying for hidden fees, and leave traditional banking behind. Get instant access to your account without borders.

  • No SSN Required.
  • 450+ Local or Foreign IDs accepted.
  • Your first two transfers are FREE*.
  • FREE Physical VISA® Card.
*Currency exchange rate spreads may be charged. You will see the exchange rate upfront before you transfer funds.
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Send Money Internationally
in 35 Minutes

Send money to friends and family around the world at great rates with no hidden fees. Send money instantly to 18 countries in Latin America for only $2.99! Cash out at over 90,000 major banks and retailers in just 35 minutes!

Refer A Friend and Win a $15 Reward

Tell your friends about MyBambu Today! You can send an invite straight from the App via Text, Facebook, E-Mail, or WhatsApp. For every referral that opens a MyBambu account you receive a $15 reward, the more friends you refer, the more money you make! Try it now!

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Get Monthly
Fee-Free Banking

MyBambu makes banking easy with zero monthly fee and free account setup — regardless of your immigration status. Online banking at your fingertips!

  • No monthly fee.
  • No overdraft fee.
  • No minimum balance*.
*An inactivity fee may apply after 12 months.


Digital Card

Use your account instantly by linking your MyBambu Card to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Physical Card

Make purchases with your free Bambu VISA ® Card anywhere VISA ® is accepted.

Depositing Made Simple

Easily deposit cash at over 120,000 retail locations, or via the mobile check deposit feature within the app.

Get Cash

Withdraw cash from any ATM where VISA® is accepted.


Better than Banking

Open a free Mobile Account from anywhere in the U.S.
regardless of your immigration status.


Top Up

Top up your phone or your LATAM relative’s phone within seconds


Deposit Checks

Conveniently deposit your checks instantly with online mobile deposit


Pay Bills

Pay bills domestically and internationally for your friends and family


Send Money

Send money for free in the U.S. and for a small fee to Latin America


Your Security

Your deposits are FDIC insured up to the amount allowable by the law. We’ll never share your data and we keep it safe.

MyBambu utilizes world-class encryption, fraud, and security technologies to ensure that our customer’s money is safe and worry-free.

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