With MyBambu you and your friends receive $25 USD4

Earn $25 USD for each friend you refer to MyBambu who successfully opens, verifies, and completes 2 purchases or an international transfer with us. Plus, once they complete these simple steps, they'll also receive $25 USD in their account.

Terms and conditions apply, here.

Step 1:

Refer a friend

Follow these steps to successfully refer your friends

Step 2:

Your referral must create and verify their account

Using the link you sent them, your referral should create and verify their account. Remind them that all they need is:

We do not verify immigration status

Final step:

Your referral must add money and make transactions with their card or make an international money transfer

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Everyone can join MyBambu. Are you an immigrant? For MyBambu, it’s not an issue. Open your account by providing your country’s ID. We accept over 100 foreign IDs.

Empower your loved ones in the United States.

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