With MyBambu, receive $15 USD for every referral.

Earn $15 USD4 for every friend you refer to MyBambu who successfully opens and verifies an account with us and remains active.

MyBambu Friend Referral Guide

Follow these steps for a successful friend referral.


Tap on the Refer a Friend button.

To receive credit for referring multiple people, send individual referral links, and ensure your friends open and verify their MyBambu accounts. This is necessary for tracking and receiving the reward.

Choose the channel and share the link.

You can choose to refer your friends through text  message, email, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Press any of these options to send your personal link.



Generate a unique and personal link for each friend.

Yes, every time you want to refer a new friend, you should generate a completely new unique link so that we can track the entire process from the moment you refer your friend.

Enjoy your reward.

Once the referred person opens and verifies their account with MyBambu, your account will be credited with $15 USD within 15 business days.


Spread the word!

Everyone can join MyBambu. Are you an immigrant? For MyBambu, it’s not an issue. Open your account by providing your country’s ID. We accept over 100 foreign IDs.

Empower your loved ones in the United States.

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