Add cash to your MyBambu account

Adding cash to your MyBambu account is a piece of cake! You can fund your account in many ways, at thousands of locations and by linking your account to other apps.

Benefits of Adding Cash to your Account

Say goodbye to carrying cash
You keep a record of all your transactions
You start tracking your money movements in the US
You can now use all of MyBambu's products

There are more than 120,000 places where you can add money

Find the closest places to deposit money in your MyBambu account on the map.

Add cash to your MyBambu account anytime, anywhere!

Connect your account to other platforms to add money.

MyBambu can connect to platforms like Venmo, CashApp, PayPal Pay, Facebook Pay and many more.

Add cash using your MyBambu barcode.

Generate and display the barcode to the cashier for depositing into MyBambu. Over 120,000 locations to add cash

Deposit at selected ATMs.

Through our network of affiliated ATMs, you can deposit money.

How to Add Money with a Barcode in the MyBambu App

Download MyBambu App.

Find us on Google Play or App Store and download the app.

Tap the add cash button

Just press the button with a wallet icon.

Search for Stores

In the MyBambu App's map, find your nearest location. Search by current location or enter an address.


Once you find the nearest location and arrive there, press “barcode”.

Scan code

Tell the cashier how much money you will deposit and let them scan your barcode.

Your deposit is immediate

Before leaving the location, check your balance on the App. Your Cashload is instant!

Request the receipt for your transaction

For your security, ask for the deposit receipt.


Please note that the service fee may vary depending on the location and is not the responsibility of MyBambu. Your ID may be required on some of these places.

How do I add cash to my MyBambu account?

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