MyBambu VISA® Debit Card

Receive your VISA® debit card at your doorstep when you open your account, along with a ready-to-use digital version as soon as your account is verified!

Benefits of Your MyBambu Card.

Contactless! Pay with ease! You don't need to insert or hand over your card.
Shop with your card in physical and virtual stores.
Load or fund your MyBambu account with your card.
Add your digital card to your phone's wallet.

ATM Withdrawals At No Cost.

With our partnership with Allpoint, you can withdraw cash from over 55,000 ATMs located in popular stores across the United States, all without going to the bank or incurring extra fees.

Coming Soon...

Deposit Anytime At Selected ATMs.

Deposit funds easily into your MyBambu account through our Allpoint and Maestro ATM partners. Smart deposits save you big. Maximize your money and time with MyBambu!

Request and Activate Your MyBambu VISA® Debit Card.

Tap on the MyBambu Card Tile.

You'll have immediate access to your Digital VISA® Card and more options regarding your card.

Activate your physical card upon arrival.

To activate your new MyBambu card, tap on 'Activate Physical Card'.

Look at the back of your physical card.

Enter the card expiration date (MM/YYYY) from the dropdown menu and enter the three-digit CVV code.

Card Activated!

After entering all the information, your physical card will be activated. Proceed to set up the PIN for your new card.

Tap on “Set Card PIN”.

In the card's main menu, choose the “Set Card PIN button”

Enter New Pin.

Create a secure 4-digit PIN by entering and confirming it.

Watch how to add your card to your mobile wallet.

Common Questions