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Send money with MyBambu for as low as $0.85 Money will arrive in 35 minutes, plus your first 4 international transfers are on us!

- International Money Transfers are not provided by or affiliated with Community Federal Savings Bank.
Las transferencias internacionales de dinero no son proporcionadas ni están afiliadas al Community Federal Savings Bank.

MyBambu's International Money Transfer Benefits

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First 4 transfers to Latin America are at no cost with MyBambu.
The money arrives in
35 minutes.
Choose branch pickup in
Latin America or send directly to a bank account.
Enjoy great rates to ensure more money reaches your loved ones.


Get Ready for Savings!

Send Money To 18 Countries in Latin America

Swipe the flags or use the arrows and select the country to view the exchange rate, bank deposit and cash withdrawal locations.3

Swipe the flags to the left and select the country to view the exchange rates, bank deposit and cash withdrawal locations.3


1 USD = 17,15
Bank Deposit
Cash Pick Up

Sending Money is EASY

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Select Country

Choose the destination country for your international transfer. You can send to 18 countries.

Recipients details.

Fill in as many fields as possible, and ensure their accuracy.

Choose transfer method.

You can send money directly to a remittance-enabled bank account or have it picked up at a local establishment.


Enter the amount to send. MyBambu offers competitive rates and favorable currency exchange. You can view the dollar-to-selected-country conversion.

Verify the information and send.

Double-check everything is accurate before proceeding with the transaction. If everything is correct, send the money.

Save and share the transaction number.

After sending, you'll receive a confirmation number by email share with the recipient and keep for your records.

Check your email.

You'll get transaction receipt emails with all transfer details.

Money arrives in 35 minutes.

If everything is correct, the recipient will have the money in their account or can pick it up with the confirmation number in 35 minutes.

Watch how to send
money with MyBambu.

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