Insurance Marketplace Keep Your Phone and Car Insured.

We bring you a new product! Access insurance for cars and phones, all in one place. Your safety and peace of mind are our priority.

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MyBambu’s Insurance Marketplace Benefits

All your insurance in one place.
Choose the option that best suits you.
No need to browse multiple sites or make numerous calls for rate comparisons.
Complete everything in a few simple steps.

MyBambu’s phone insurance option

Protect your phone against costly damages, breakdowns, and theft. With easy and fast local repairs.

Find affordable options for your phone coverage.

Keep going knowing you’re fully protected from whoops, oh-no’s, and not agains.

Quick Repairs Available – Often Same Day.

MyBambu's auto insurance option

Mybambu makes it easy to find you perfect policy. Discover peace of mind with better insurance and better service.

Explore budget-friendly choices for insuring your car.

Compare 100 million+ car insurance quotes to unlock their best rates.

Hassle free, no commitment quotes.

Getting a Insurance Marketplace policy is simple with MyBambu.

Easily obtain an insurance policy with MyBambu. Let us guide you!

Download MyBambu App

Find us on Google Play or the App Store and download the app.

Tap on the Insurance Marketplace tile

Tap on the Insurance Marketplace button in the main menu.

Choose the Item you want to insure.

Select the between phone or car insurance.

Accept terms and conditions

Checkmark you’ve read and accept the terms and conditions box.

Follow the step by step

Keep Going to Obtain Custom Policies for Your Needs.

Watch How to apply for your insurances

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