Transfers among MyBambu Friends.

Effortlessly transfer money between MyBambu users! Explore how MyBambu's user-to-user transfers simplify sharing funds.

Having MyBambu Friends comes with benefits

User to user transfer have no cost.
Say goodbye to carrying cash.
Transfers are immediate.
Transactions are fast and easy.

MyBambu User-to-User Transfers

Send money to friends and family who have a MyBambu account instantly and at no cost as frequently as you wish, as long as they are MyBambu users.

Tap on the tile Send or Receive money

Choose a contact from your list and tap 'Send' or 'Request' to proceed with the user-to-user money transfer.

Transfer amount

After selecting your contact from the list, enter the amount of money you want to transfer and tap 'Review' to proceed.

Complete transfer

Review your TOTAL and tap 'Confirm' to instantly transfer funds between you and your friends on MyBambu at no cost.

Watch How to send or receive money between Bambu Friends?

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