DATE OF NOTICE: January 24, 2024

Thank you for being a valued MyBambu customer. This Notice highlights important changes to the Metropolitan Commercial Bank issued MyBambu Prepaid Visa® Card and your available options. The MyBambu program will be moving to Community Federal Savings Bank (“CFSB”) and will no longer be issued or supported by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“MCB”) as of February 26, 2024.

ACTION IS REQUIRED ON YOUR PART. You must indicate to us if you wish to move the funds held at MCB in your My Bambu account (“Old Account”) to CFSB by February 23, 2024. If you do not want to move your Old Account to CFSB or you do not respond by February 23, 2024, your Old Account will be closed and a check will be mailed to you at the address associated with your MyBambu account. You will be able to opt in to applying for a new account at CFSB, and if approved, transferring your Old Account to the new account at CFSB (“New Account”) at any time after this notice but your New Account or new Visa® card will not be opened or active before February 26, 2024 (the “Transition Date”). If you do not want to open a New Account and opt out (as described below), your Old Account will be closed on the Transition Date and any underlying balance will be returned to you. On the Transition Date you will no longer have access to your Old Account or be able to use your MyBambu Prepaid Visa Card.

Capitalized terms have the meanings provided in the MyBambu Prepaid Visa® Card Agreement (“Agreement”.

Please review this Notice carefully. If you have questions about this Notice:


As of the date of this notice through the Transition Date (the “Notice Period”), MyBambu will provide you with the ability to (i) elect to apply to open your new account at CFSB and transfer of the balance underlying your Old Account to your New Account at CFSB, if you qualify; or (ii) affirmatively object to and opt-out of opening your New Account, which will result in your Old Account being closed and any funds held in your Old Account being returned to you.

If you elect to opt-in to the transfer of your balance to your New Account during the Notice Period, MyBambu will (a) provide you with appropriate disclosures and terms from CFSB related to your New Account, (b) apply for and if approved (i) open your New Account with CFSB (which you will be able to access on and after the Transition Date), (ii) provide you with a new digital (or physical if you request one) Visa® debit card issued by CFSB which enables access to your New Account at CFSB, and (iii) cause the transfer of the funds underlying your Old Account to the New Account at CFSB on the Transition Date.

If you opt-out from opening a New Account at CFSB prior to the Transition Date, you do not indicate your choice, or if you do not qualify for a New Account at CFSB, your Old Account will be closed on the Transition Date, and we will send you a physical check for the balance of your Old Account (if any) within 30 days of the Transition Date. Any additional deposits to your Old Account balance after the Transition Date will be returned to the payor.

You can review your MyBambu Prepaid VISA® Card Agreement by visiting, clicking on the “Terms and Conditions” link located at the bottom of the homepage and selecting the MyBambu Prepaid Visa Card Agreement you wish to view or by opening the MyBambu App and clicking “Terms and Conditions” under Profile.

NO ADVERSE CHANGES TO YOUR BALANCE LIMIT, FEES AND OTHER LIMITS  The New Account at CFSB new Visa® card will not have any adverse changes to the account or card fees, the balance limit, or daily, weekly, or monthly limits from your existing MyBambu account limits or fees.

FDIC INSURANCE  While your funds are at CFSB, they are eligible to be insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC in the event CFSB fails, assuming specific deposit insurance requirements are met, and depending if you have other funds at CFSB in the same deposit category. It is your responsibility to determine if you already have a relationship with CFSB, and, if so, whether your aggregate balances at CFSB exceed the limit for FDIC deposit insurance (currently $250,000).

Your New Account at CFSB will be a demand deposit (checking) account and your CFSB Visa® card will be a debit card. Because your CFSB account is not a prepaid account, you will receive more detailed forms of disclosure and fees in the CFSB account agreement, and no longer will be eligible to receive a Short Form Disclosure of fees.