Earn $40 USD for each referral who opens an account with us and makes an international transfer.

Terms and conditions apply, read here.

How to Refer Friends

Teach your referral how to Deposit Money using all of these methods

Remember that if you work with Uber, Instacart, or Doordash, you can add your digital card or direct deposit information to receive payments directly into your MyBambu account.

Four International transfers for free

Four International transfers for free3

That’s right! Your referral gets their first four transfers to Latin America absolutely free when they open an account with us. With MyBambu, everyone wins!

Terms and conditions apply, read here.

Follow these steps to earn

Sign in to your MyBambu account

If you already have an account with us, log in with your username and password on the MyBambu App.

Select the promotions tile

and then press the option Earn $40 USD with MyBambu.

Select any of the referal methods

Remember to create a unique referral link from your account for better tracking.

Your referral must open an account with us

They will only need a valid ID from their country of origin, their cell phone number, and a residential address in the US.

Invite your friends to send money internationally

When they make a transfer to LATAM, you will earn $40. Don't miss out on this easy way to earn extra cash!

Referral must make a money transfer to LATAM

It's easy! Plus, your referrals get their first 4 money transfers fee-free. With MyBambu, everyone wins.

The money transfer arrives in 35 min

If everything is correct, your friend will experience that with MyBambu, money transfers reach their loved ones in 35 minutes.


If you and your referral have followed all the steps, you will receive $40 USD. This promotion is valid for 30 days (30 days to refer and 30 days to make money transfers).

Earning with MyBambu is very easy!

Send a referral link from your MyBambu account so that your friend can open and verify their account.

4 free money transfers
for your friend!

Your friend must make their first international transfer, and you will earn $40 US.

With MyBambu,
everyone wins!

You get $40 and your friend gets 4 free international transfers.

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