MyBambu Reinvents Itself! Explore Our New Products and Benefits

Hello, if you have not yet discovered us, we invite you to read this article. You might be wondering, “What’s MyBambu?” MyBambu is an application that has revolutionized the way immigrants manage their finances in the United States. Register and open a MyBambu account using your country’s ID; we do not check your immigration status. It is easy to use, and lets you manage your money from your mobile phone, all while ensuring the security of your funds.

Today, we want to introduce you to our new products, each designed for the benefit of our customers. We aim to be your best friend in managing your finances. 

1- Zelle®
Now you can link your MyBambu Visa® debit card to Zelle ® to send and receive payments quickly and securely.

2- Need Cash?
MyBambu now allows you to withdraw money at no cost nationwide through the Allpoint ATM network, with over 55,000 ATMs. You can also make cash deposits into your MyBambu account at these ATMs. Finding an Allpoint ATM is easy; you can locate one here.

3- Send Love to Cuba
We understand that being away from your loved ones is not easy, and you always seek ways to help and improve their quality of life. Now, you can deliver goods to your family and friends in Cuba, allowing them to purchase food, medicine, cleaning products, school supplies, and more.

4- Express Direct Deposit
Would you like to receive your salary two business days earlier? To access and activate this service, you only need to meet certain requirements that you will find in the app.

5.- MyBambu Visa® Debit Card
Our card is your best tool for easy purchases. It is not only stylish but also incredibly useful when making transactions. It is contactless, making your payments quicker and more secure. Just tap the card on the payment terminal, and you are done. What are you waiting for to get your MyBambu Visa® Debit Card?

These are just some of our new products, and we have many more. You can explore them on our website. We accept over 100 types of identifications, and we do not check your immigration status. You can join the MyBambu family and take advantage of each product and service designed for your convenience. 

Stay tuned to our social media channels; find us on Instagram and Facebook as We are working on new products that will undoubtedly make your financial life easier.

Thank you for reading, and we will see you in the next article.