“It is not a requirement to have receipts for the items you want to cover on your plan. While preferred, you can establish “proof of ownership” of your items through other means.

For example, the pictures the insurance provider has you take of your items when you add them to your account work great for providing this “proof of ownership”!

Especially, for claims of accidental damage, copies of your purchase receipts are typically not requested.

For theft claims, the insurance company prefers to have you show a copy of your stolen items’ purchase receipts. This is the quickest way for them to establish that you did in fact “own” the items you’ve claimed have been stolen.

However, if you no longer have copies of your receipts, your photos of the items uploaded to your account can usually suffice. As a best practice, keep track of your receipts! Have copies emailed to you when you purchase items, or take pictures of receipts and email them to yourself.

You can also try to contact the original seller/retailer you purchased items from as often they will have records going back a year or two of past transactions. You can try providing your name, phone number, email, or credit card number to try and track down a receipt for something you purchased.”