Is there a fee to load cash?

MyBambu does not charge a fee for this service, but a retailer may assess a fee for cash loads. For more information, please see the Deposit Account and Cardholder Agreement, available at:

Can I track my cash load?

Yes, you can track your cash load by following these steps: This will allow you to track your cash load transaction. Mybambu doesn’t require the presentation of an ID for cash loads, please be aware that certain merchant or retail locations may have their own policies in place and may require you to show an […]

I’m planning to cash load at different locations and want to know if there are specific business hours to be aware of. Additionally, where can I find comprehensive details on fees, limits, and restrictions?

When cash loading at various locations, it’s important to note that specific business hours may vary from one location to another. We recommend checking with the particular location you plan to visit for their business hours. For a comprehensive list of fees, limits, and restrictions related to your MyBambu account, please review the Deposit Account […]

I’d like to know the daily cutoff times for cash loading my MyBambu account.

While cash loading is available at multiple locations, it’s important to note that the cutoff times for this service may vary by location. We advise you to verify the business hours and cash loading cutoff times at the specific location where you intend to deposit cash. This step ensures that your cash load is processed […]