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How do I Deactivate or Add a Payee?

You may manage your Payees, including deactivation by selecting the “Manage My Payees” option which allows the list to be edited.

What is the bill pay confirmation number?

The Confirmation Number is a unique identifier that is automatically assigned to each payment you make online using “Bill Pay”. The confirmation number does not

Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

You can pay almost any company or individual in the US and in Latin America. Search for a US biller by tapping the Pay Bill

How do I pay a bill?

To pay a US bill, tap the Pay Bill tile on the Bambu mobile app home screen, then tap the Find Billers icon. Enter in

What is bill pay?

Bill Pay allows you to pay bills online, saving you time, envelopes and stamps. It is an optional service on your account. You may pay