Your Security, our Priority.


MyBambu is built utilizing best in class compute and software technologies to provide an optimal customer-focused virtual banking experience with commercially available smartphone and application technology. MyBambu can open accounts, verify identity, and transact through a multitude of product and services virtually and with ease. MyBambu utilizes cloud computing and artificial intelligence to provide a best in class virtual banking experience.


The MyBambu ecosystem utilizes elastic on-demand cloud based infrastructure connecting the Bambu in app experience to an array of financial services to include a cloud based componentized best-in-class banking core. This componentized architecture approach allows MyBambu to endlessly scale to meet the needs of customers no matter where they are or when they require services.


MyBambu customers can transact freely without fear of their data or transactions being compromised. MyBambu utilizes world class encryption, fraud, and security technologies to insure that their customer’s money is safe and worry free.